Opera Twin
Automatic magnetic lock with antipanic function for hotels.
Thanks to the magnetic latch, sash and frame have no protrusion: the perfect solution for flush wall doors.

Product features

Closing cylinder lock
Axis 85 mm
Forend 18/22 mm
Backset 70 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material steel
Twin Lock

Twin Lock

The magnetic latch and the automatic bolt ensure the maximum antiburglar security.
Antipanic function

Antipanic function

When the doors is closed, from inside the room, lowering the handle, you will unlock automatically both the latch and the bolt.
Latch release with key

Latch release with key

Turning the key into the cylinder, the lock let the magnetic latch and the automatic bolt come out. A light pressure on the knob allows the door opening.
Essence of lines

Essence of lines

The lock doesn't have protrusions on the forend thanks to the latch which is completely retractable and flush to the door.
Compatible with European half cylinder

Compatible with European half cylinder

Choose the half cylinder suitable for your needs from the AGB range.
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