Eclipse 3.3
Eclipse 3.3 is the concealed hinge with a reduced milling depth up to 17,6 mm in order to have doors with minimal design.
The hinge is particularly suitable for renovations.

Product features

Adjustments in pressure ±1 mm
vertical ±2 mm
horizontal ±1,5 mm
Material zamak
Type for wood
for aluminium
Max. extension
Max. extension 14 mm
Height 115 mm
Capacity 40 kg x 2 hinges
60 kg x 3 hinges
Flush aluminium covers

Flush aluminium covers

The flush aluminium covers let the hinge completely concealed and no door component is visible.
Reduced milling depth

Reduced milling depth

The milling depth of frame part has been reduced up to 17,6 mm in order to have minimal doors.
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